If you are looking for your students to learn programming and robotics in an easy and fun way, this is your platform.

    🔷 Courses 100% online no installation required
    🔷 Teacher support and reference solutions
    🔷 Complete teaching material: audiovisual and practical units
    🔷 Automatic evaluators to motivate students
    🔷 Teachers can view and run their students' code
    🔷 Open to generate specific content for your educational center
    🔷 Scientifically proven pedagogical effectiveness [1] [2]
    🔷 Possibility to program through Kibotics real robots
          if available at the center*
    *Mbot, Tello Drone, Gopigo, LegoEv3 and Keybot

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Drones con Scratch

Learn Python (Spanish)

Learn Scratch (Spanish)

Robots con arte en Scratch

Robots con arte en Python