ROBOTICS GAMES 2022 (Summer)



Summary of the tournament final


Competición Sigue Lineas

Welcome to Kibotics!
Program a simulated robot in the Scratch programming language to go around the circuit avoiding obstacles.
You will use the infrared sensor to follow the line and the ultrasonic sensor to avoid objects.

Challenge Follow IR lines with obstacles

GoPiGo Robot

In this video you can see an example of a solution.
Get the highest score! There is a prize for winning the tournament!
Read on for more information.

Tournament Regulations

  • The robot shall follow the line most of the time from the start line to the finish line, and may only move out ofthe line when avoiding an object.

  • Scoring will depend on:

    1. The accuracy with which the robot follows the line around the circuit.

    2. Whether the robot avoids objects or not.

    3.The time taken to complete the circuit and speed shall be taken into account.

  • If you make it to the finish line, you get an extra bonus!

  • The maximum score shall be 100 points.

  • The maximum time will be 3:20 minutes per participant.

  • Last but not least: Have fun programming!


Step 1:Registration at Kibotics REGISTRATION.

Step 2 Login with your username and password and reload this page.

Step 3: Click on the SIGN UP FOR THE TOURNAMENT button that will appear on this page once you are registered.

Step 4: Log in to Kibotics, select 'Robotics Games 2022 (Summer)' in your 'My Tournaments' section and.... to play!

Registration deadline: April 29, 2022 to June 22, 2022

The championship will be held on June 26th and you will be able to complete the exercise until 23:59 on 22 June.

Do you have any questions or problems? Write to us in our Forum


The first place participant will win a.... Drone Tello!!!


You can use it with the Kibotics platform and do things like this:

Phases of the tournament

    The participation of all users registered for the tournament.

    There will be an elimination phase, where the code of every user will be run and his or her score will be saved. The 10 participants with the best score will go through to the final phase.

    The final phase of this tournament will be broadcast on 26 June 2022 at at 12 noon on our Twitch channel and the standings will be published.

This challenge is no easy task. That's why we are going to give you some tips:

As a reference, in this video we show you a possible solution with control.In speed of the exercise of the follow lines go without obstacles, you will have to see how to apply it to this circuit:

Combine the infrared sensor with the ultrasonic sensor, here you have an example of how to read this sensor:


1. Have your robot use the speed control, so that the turns will be more natural and you will be able to go faster.

2. Think carefully about what your robot should do when it doesn't detect the line.This can be a big problem.

3. Be careful with the rotation speed, adjust it to your needs.

4. In addition to the ir sensor, it uses ultrasound.Get distance to obstacle to detect the objects you find along the way andand ski them

5. Be aware that objects may change places, therefore, when dodging obstacles try not to use control blocks in position,but if you can't avoid it, don't worry, use the control blocks in position, the important thing is to reach the goal.

6. Do you have any further questions? Write to us in our Forum .

The tournament can be followed on our Twitch channel and here on June 26th from 2022 at 12h


Qualifying round


Final Ranking


Relive the tournament held last June 26, 2022