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Updated 06/2023


You want a course that is practical to learn how to program robots with Python.

You are looking for online training that allows your child to have fun at the time you learn.

You seek to encourage creativity and improve their skillstechnology and mathematics of your son.

Introduction to Robotics

Technology is becoming increasingly important and useful in 21st century society. Robots such as autonomous cars or automatic vacuum cleaners are good examples of the rise of robotic technology. In this lesson you will see the current landscape and trends.

Python language

This text language makes it possible to organize the logic and behavior of the robot in a simple and accessible way. It is also used in many other sectors, both at university and in the professional field of programming. In this unit you will learn how to program in this language: conditionals, loops, variables, etc.


These are devices that allow to measure distances to obstacles, color of the things that surround the robot, etc. You will learn how to use from your Python program the most common sensors in robotics such as infrared, laser or camera.


The motors allow the robot to move around the environment, move forward or turn, and also pick up objects with a robotic gripper. You will learn how to drive these actuators from your Python program.

Basic applications

By combining sensors and actuators your robot will do fun tasks like follow a line, dodge obstacles or chase a ball. Each unit is dedicated to solving these challenges :-)

Fun applications with games

Now that you know the basics, you will tackle more complex and exciting taskswith your robot. Program it to go through a forest, play handkerchief and clean a room autonomously

You will learn how to do these exercises

What is the value to you if your child starts now to learn robotics?

  • Because I want to improve my child's technological skills.
  • Because I want my child to be well prepared for the technological society.
  • Because I want my child to have fun and learn at the same time.
  • Because I want my child to learn programming in a simple and fast way.
  • Because I want my child to learn to deal with mistakes.
  • Because I want my child to learn to solve problems.

Discover robot programming at any age

Learn to program robots in a simple and practical way.

  • Without having to buy a physical robot.
  • Without taking up your time.
  • No previous programming knowledge.
  • Interactive communication via forum.

Immediate access course valued at 49.9



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  • If you want to learn to program at your own pace but with support.
  • If you are interested in robots and technology and want to get into this world.
  • If you don't know anything about programming and want to learn in a fun way.
  • If you want a quality course at a reasonable price.


  • If you have already programmed robots in Python.
  • If you consider that technology is not an important tool.
  • If you value rote knowledge over learning by doing.
  • If you consider that only engineers know how to program.

I have always been dedicated to robotics.After graduating as a Telecommunications Engineer I started working in research with mobile robots and did my doctoral thesis in robotics.Since then I am a professor at the university and I lead the robotics research group. It is made up of experts, researchers, university and teachers with experience in secondary education.

A few years ago we realized the importance of quality training in robotics and technology at an early age. And we started collaborating with schools and educational robotics companies to bring robotics and programming to children. We were concerned that this training quality but also that it was accessible to many families, not everyone can have a robot at home to learn how to program it.That is why we developed this platform Kibotics,which aims to facilitate the learning of robotics and programming with quality, without the need to have a robot, using the robot, using the most modern technological tools that allow us to use web simulators.web simulators. Since 2019 it has been used by, among others, the School of Computational Thinking of the Ministry of Education of Spain and Youth of the Community of Madrid and the City Council of Fuenlabrada.

In 2004, we created the RoboCampeones championship to encourage technical technical vocations among children in a fun way. The first 5 editions were held at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and then an association was created to continue the competition. Kibotics is still present in some of these events.

Many of us would have loved to have been able to program robots when we were 12 years old but technology didn't allow it, now it does!

Engineer, professor at the Rey Juan Carlos University
and founder of Kibotics, Jose María Cañas.

In the last five years Google has selected researchers from our team as part of its prestigious Google Summer of Code program. within its prestigious Google Summer of Code program, in the JdeRobot-Universidad Rey Juan Carlos organization, to develop open software in robotics and artificial vision.

Kibotics allows each student to progress at his or her own pace, always with the support of experts through the forum. It allows you to instantly see the result of the child's program and change it if necessary.

IES Martínez Uribarri, Salamanca (Álvaro Martín)

Kibotics has made it easy for us to run courses with our more advanced students complex concepts, such as machine vision, in a simple way. Through the simulator, each student can test their code on their own robot, opening up a whole world of possibilities.

Logix5 Smart Solutions S.L. (Lia García)

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