Kibotics is a web environment for teaching robotics and programming (STEM). It teaches in an attractive way basic concepts of technology (computer science, electronics, ...) and introduces children and teenagers to robotics and robot programming. It follows a practical approach, learning by doing. It helps to structure thinking, to organise actions in steps to solve a problem and to form an analytical spirit.

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Have fun programming different robots and scenarios, compete with other users' code and automatic opponents.
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Start programming from 0
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Learn the language of the future


In Kibotics we offer online courses for you to learn at your own pace. We have courses with simulated robots, real robots, drones and game courses with which you will learn to program in a very fun way.
The courses are specially designed for schools and individual users (from 10 years old).
Each course has all the necessary material to carry it out. We provide support to teachers so that they can teach robotics courses with Kibotics in Scratch or Python in their classrooms.


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